ArGEnCo - Architecture, Geology, Environment and Construction
315e conférence du CERES - 30 mars 2015

30/03/2015 17:30

Renforcement de structures existantes : deux exposés
  • Auditoire 01, Bât. B37 (Sart Tilman)
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Zero Energy Light Weight Construction for Urban Densification

Shady Attia assistant professor of sustainable building construction and head of the Sustainable Buildings Design (SBD) Lab was awarded a €165,000 grant from Liège University ‘Welcome Grant’. See More...
314th CERES conference

23/02/2015 17:30

Issues and Recent Developments in ground improvement techniques by Nicolas Denies (Belgian Building Research Institute)
  • B37 Local 01 - Sart Tilman
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Zorrotzaurre in Bilbao

04/03/2015 17:30

Presentation by Pablo Otaola, Director of the Management Committee of the Zorrotzaurre renewal project.
  • ULg - Complexe Opéra (O2)
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AILg Prize 2014

02/04/2015 18:00

The AILg will distribute its scientific prizes on the 2nd of April. This year the ceremony will be coupled with the celebration of all engineering students who received an AILg prize for their final dissertation since 1999.
  • Jeudi 2 avril 2015 de 18h00 à 20h30 à l’Institut de Mathématique, Auditoire 01, Bât B37, Parking P32
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Fellowships for Outstanding Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers, partly funded under FP7 Marie Curie Action

14/01/2015 17:05

The University of Liege (ULg) invites applications for incoming fellowships for outstanding doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. The appointment must start between 1/10/2015 and 31/12/2015. The duration of the fellowships is 24 months for postdoctoral researchers and 48 months for PhD candidates. See More...