The department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering is a Research and Teaching Unit (DER - Département Enseignement-Recherche) of the University of Liège.

Its core disciplines are materials science, continuum mechanics (fluids and solids), dynamics and thermodynamics.

The main fields of applications are aerospace, mechanical engineering, energy systems and biomedical engineering.

Collaboration agreements

18/05/2015 10:15

The department of Aerospace & Mechanical engineering signs collaboration agreements with SONACA, 3B and V2i. See More...
Séminaire donné par le Prof. Michael Kraft, Dept. EEI (Inst.Montefiore)

19/05/2015 11:00

Le Professeur Prof. Michael Kraft donnera un exposé intitulé : "Micro and Nanosystems: An Enabling Key Technology For The 21st Century". See More...
Séminaire de Denis Terwagne (ULB)

28/05/2015 11:00

Le Professeur Denis Terwagne donnera un exposé intitulé: "Drag Control through Wrinkling on Curved Surfaces".
  • Salle des Séminaires (local 0/429), Institut de Mécanique et Génie Civil (B52/3), Sart-Tilman.
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